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+# Executes 602XML Filler with specified parameters
+# echo "$@"
+test -d $WHOME && test ! -e $WHOME/.debrelloc && rm -rf $WHOME/drive_c/windows && rm -rf $WHOME/drive_c/openssl && rm -rf $WHOME/drive_c/Program\ Files
+test ! -d $WHOME && mkdir $WHOME
+test ! -e $WHOME/.debrelloc && touch $WHOME/.debrelloc
+test ! -e $WHOME/user.reg && cp $OHOME/user.reg $WHOME
+test ! -e $WHOME/userdef.reg && cp $OHOME/userdef.reg $WHOME
+#test ! -e $WHOME/system.reg && cp $OHOME/system.reg $WHOME
+cp $OHOME/system.reg $WHOME
+test ! -e $WHOME/.update-timestamp && cp $OHOME/.update-timestamp $WHOME
+test ! -d $WHOME/drive_c && test -e $WHOME/drive_c && rm -rf $WHOME/drive_c
+test ! -d $WHOME/drive_c && mkdir $WHOME/drive_c
+#openssl config and random data because of Ubuntu 10.10
+test ! -d $WHOME/drive_c/openssl && mkdir $WHOME/drive_c/openssl
+test ! -e $WHOME/drive_c/openssl/openssl.cnf && ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/Program\ Files/Software602/602XML/Xmlcore/openssl.cnf $WHOME/drive_c/openssl/openssl.cnf
+test -e $WHOME/drive_c/.rnd && rm $WHOME/drive_c/.rnd
+cp $OHOME/drive_c/.rnd $WHOME/drive_c/.rnd
+test ! -d $WHOME/dosdevices && mkdir $WHOME/dosdevices
+test -e $WHOME/dosdevices/c\: && rm $WHOME/dosdevices/c\:
+ln -s $WHOME/drive_c/ $WHOME/dosdevices/c:
+test ! -e $WHOME/dosdevices/x\: && ln -s /tmp/ $WHOME/dosdevices/x:
+test ! -e $WHOME/dosdevices/y\: && ln -s $HOME/ $WHOME/dosdevices/y:
+test ! -e $WHOME/dosdevices/z\: && ln -s / $WHOME/dosdevices/z:
+test -e $WHOME/drive_c/Program\ Files && rm -rf $WHOME/drive_c/Program\ Files
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/Program\ Files/ $WHOME/drive_c/Program\ Files
+test -e $WHOME/drive_c/windows && rm -rf $WHOME/drive_c/windows
+mkdir $WHOME/drive_c/windows
+#link files
+#ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/acrorun.exe $WHOME/drive_c/windows/acrorun.exe
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/explorer.exe $WHOME/drive_c/windows/explorer.exe
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/hh.exe $WHOME/drive_c/windows/hh.exe
+#ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/notepad.exe $WHOME/drive_c/windows/notepad.exe
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/printer.reg $WHOME/drive_c/windows/printer.reg
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/regedit.exe $WHOME/drive_c/windows/regedit.exe
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/rundll32.exe $WHOME/drive_c/windows/rundll32.exe
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/twain_32.dll $WHOME/drive_c/windows/twain_32.dll
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/winebrowser.exe $WHOME/drive_c/windows/winebrowser.exe
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/winhelp.exe $WHOME/drive_c/windows/winhelp.exe
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/winhlp32.exe $WHOME/drive_c/windows/winhlp32.exe
+#link dirs
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/command $WHOME/drive_c/windows/command
+#ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/Fonts $WHOME/drive_c/windows/Fonts
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/fonts $WHOME/drive_c/windows/fonts
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/inf $WHOME/drive_c/windows/inf
+#ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/profiles $WHOME/drive_c/windows/profiles
+#ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/system $WHOME/drive_c/windows/system
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/system32 $WHOME/drive_c/windows/system32
+ln -s $OHOME/drive_c/windows/winsxs $WHOME/drive_c/windows/winsxs
+#copy files
+cp -pr $OHOME/drive_c/windows/system.ini $WHOME/drive_c/windows/
+cp -pr $OHOME/drive_c/windows/win.ini $WHOME/drive_c/windows/
+chmod 644 $WHOME/drive_c/windows/system.ini
+chmod 644 $WHOME/drive_c/windows/win.ini
+#create temp dir
+mkdir $WHOME/drive_c/windows/temp
+test ! -e $WHOME/drive_c/windows/temp/BinFiles602 && mkdir $WHOME/drive_c/windows/temp/BinFiles602 && chmod 700 $WHOME/drive_c/windows/temp/BinFiles602
+#test for user profile temp
+test -e $WHOME/drive_c/profiles/$USER && {
+ test -e $WHOME/drive_c/profiles/$USER/Temp && \
+ rm -rf $WHOME/drive_c/profiles/$USER/Temp && \
+ mkdir $WHOME/drive_c/profiles/$USER/Temp
+#end of creating WHOME - ~/.602filler
+#profile might be accessed only by user
+chmod -R 700 $WHOME
+#nastaveni wine a spusteni fillera
+#export WINESERVER="$IDIR/bin/wineserver"
+#export WINELOADER="$IDIR/bin/wine"
+#export WINEDLLPATH="$IDIR/lib/wine"
+export WINEDLLOVERRIDES="mshtml=;winemenubuilder.exe=;"
+#export WINEDEBUG="-all"
+#export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$IDIR/lib;$WHOME/lib;/usr/lib/nss"
+wine ~/.602filler/drive_c/Program\ Files/Software602/602XML/Filler/filler602.exe "$@"