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12 daysforgot to include .SRCINFOlotation
14 daysAdded 'epoch=2' as suggested by FabioLolixlotation
2023-01-15Updated bottles to 50.1Francesco Masala
2022-12-14updated bottles to latest releaselotation
2022-11-15updated to new version + added new dependency vkbasalt-clilotation
2022-10-17updated bottles to latest releaselotation
2022-10-14updated bottleslotation
2022-09-28Updated bottles to 2022.9.28.1 (I have a life too c; )Francesco Masala
2022-08-02Urgent rollback to version 2022-5-28 because libadwaita on official arch repo...Francesco Masala
2022-06-16Updated pefileFrancesco Masala
2022-06-15Fixed DepsFrancesco Masala
2022-06-15Rollback to latest Trento versionFrancesco Masala
2022-06-15fixed typoFrancesco Masala
2022-06-15Added dependencies and hotfixFrancesco Masala
2022-06-14Updated bottles to 2022.6.14Francesco Masala
2022-06-07Updated bottles to version 2022.05.28-3 (Sorry for the delay)Francesco Masala
2022-05-28Updated bottles to version 2022.05.28-2Francesco Masala
2022-05-28Updated bottles to version 2022.05.28-1 (Now with a correct checksum)Francesco Masala
2022-05-28Updated bottles to version 2022.05.28-1Francesco Masala
2022-05-18Updated bottles to version 2022.05.14-2Francesco Masala
2022-05-18Updated bottles to version 2022.05.14-1Francesco Masala
2022-05-16Updated bottles to version 2022.05.16Francesco Masala
2022-03-18Updated bottles to 2022.5.2 Hotfix 1Francesco Masala
2022-05-03Updated bottles to 2022.5.2Francesco Masala
2022-04-28Updated bottles to 2022.4.28Francesco Masala
2022-04-15Updated to 2022.04.14 - Hotfix 1Francesco Masala
2022-04-15Updated bottles to 2022.4.14Francesco Masala
2022-03-29Updated bottles to 2022.3.28-1Francesco Masala
2022-03-29Updated bottles to 2022.3.28-1Francesco Masala
2022-03-01Updated bottles to 2022.2.28 Hotfix 1Francesco Masala
2022-02-28Updated bottles to 2022.2.28Francesco Masala
2022-02-13Updated bottles to 2022.2.14Francesco Masala
2022-02-05increase releasemirkobrombin
2022-02-04Updated depsFrancesco Masala
2022-02-04Updated to bottles 2022.1.28 Hotfix 4Francesco Masala
2022-02-02Fixed comment 850104Francesco Masala
2022-02-01Updated bottles to 28.01.2022 Hotfix 3Francesco Masala
2022-01-31Updated to 28.01.2022 Hotfix 2Francesco Masala
2022-01-28Updated to 2022.1.28Francesco Masala
2022-01-19Upgraded bottles to 2022.01.14 Hotfix 4Francesco Masala
2022-01-16Upgraded bottles to 2022.01.14 Hotfix 2Francesco Masala
2022-01-13Upgraded bottles to 2022.01.14 Hotfix 1Francesco Masala