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2021-12-17updpkgAnatol Pomozov
2019-11-28updpkgAnatol Pomozov
2018-06-01updpkgAnatol Pomozov
2016-08-13Upstream changed tag :(Anatol Pomozov
2016-08-12updpkgAnatol Pomozov
2016-08-12Use udev rules from upstreamAnatol Pomozov
2016-08-12updpkgAnatol Pomozov
2016-05-01No need to run update-desktop-database. It is done by hooks now.Anatol Pomozov
2016-01-14Use develop branch for VCS packageAnatol Pomozov
2015-12-14updpkgAnatol Pomozov
2015-12-14updpkgAnatol Pomozov
2015-08-25Add DSLogic to the list of known devicesAnatol Pomozov
2015-08-10updpkgAnatol Pomozov
2015-06-29updpkgAnatol Pomozov
2015-06-21DSView does not need root nowAnatol Pomozov
2015-06-17Initial importAnatol Pomozov