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12 daysUpstream changes base software mozc-neologd-ut to mozcdic-neologd-ut.MASAKI Haruka
13 daysUpdate to upstream, stop to include patches.MASAKI Haruka
2020-01-04Update to upstream's 191226MASAKI Haruka
2019-11-30Update to 20191125.MASAKI Haruka
2019-10-28update to 20191024MASAKI Haruka
2019-09-13Update to 20190911MASAKI Haruka
2019-08-08Update to 20190806MASAKI Haruka
2019-06-12fix pkgrel mismatch. No content change.MASAKI Haruka
2019-06-12fix PKGBUILD mistake.MASAKI Haruka
2019-06-12Update to latest, apply Japanese new era patch.MASAKI Haruka
2019-04-03Update to 201904MASAKI Haruka
2019-02-09update to 20190204MASAKI Haruka
2019-02-09update to 20190204MASAKI Haruka
2018-11-30Update to upstream's 20181128MASAKI Haruka
2018-10-10Update Oct 2018MASAKI Haruka
2018-10-10Update Oct 2018MASAKI Haruka
2018-09-05Update to 20180831MASAKI Haruka
2018-07-29Update to 201807MASAKI Haruka
2018-07-04srcinfo fix.MASAKI Haruka
2018-07-04Update to 201806MASAKI Haruka
2018-03-26Fix SRCINFOMASAKI Haruka
2018-03-26Sorry, forgot update SRCINFO.MASAKI Haruka
2017-11-23Try againMASAKI Haruka
2017-11-23Initial importMASAKI Haruka