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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-02changed python deps to python3 by including PR #468 from upstreamJan Kohnert
2019-09-01version bump: 0.9.9Jan Kohnert
2019-08-14deps imagemagick -> libmagick6Jan Kohnert
2019-08-14Added dep imagemagick; instead of graphicsmagick; thanks UniversebenzeneJan Kohnert
2019-08-10Removed dep graphicsmagick, since gdl gets SIGABORT with it activated; and ne...Jan Kohnert
2019-04-13updated deps (plplot -> 5.14)Jan Kohnert
2019-01-25updated dependencies; adopted changes from gdl gitJan Kohnert
2018-12-29Enable support for HDF, HDF5 and GraphicsMagickUniversebenzene
2018-12-16Fix patchesUniversebenzene
2018-09-03update to 0.9.8Miguel de Val-Borro
2018-08-16Update to 0.9.8Miguel de Val-Borro
2017-02-08Include patch in PKGBUILDMiguel de Val-Borro
2017-02-08Apply gcc6 patchMiguel de Val-Borro
2017-02-07Remove applied patchesMiguel de Val-Borro
2017-02-07update gdl-template patchMiguel de Val-Borro
2017-02-07update to 0.9.7Miguel de Val-Borro
2016-06-07disable HDF5Miguel de Val-Borro
2016-06-06added gdl patchesMiguel de Val-Borro
2016-06-06Remove gdl-template patchMiguel de Val-Borro
2016-06-02Fix compiling problemMiguel de Val-Borro
2016-01-27release 0.9.6-2Miguel de Val-Borro
2016-01-27update to 0.9.6Miguel de Val-Borro
2015-09-03update plplot dependencyMiguel de Val-Borro
2015-08-26Depends on netcdf-cxxMiguel de Val-Borro
2015-08-26Remove dependency on netcdf-cxx-legacy packageMiguel de Val-Borro
2015-07-09Initial commitMiguel de Val-Borro