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8 daysUpdated to Tykashi
2023-09-07Updated to 32.4.0WorMzy Tykashi
2023-08-09Include patch for libavcodec + binutils >= 2.41 build failureWorMzy Tykashi
2023-07-19Updated to 32.3.1WorMzy Tykashi
2023-07-11Updated to 32.3.0WorMzy Tykashi
2023-06-20Updated to 32.2.1WorMzy Tykashi
2023-05-16Updated to 32.2.0WorMzy Tykashi
2023-04-19Updated to 32.1.1WorMzy Tykashi
2023-03-21Updated to 32.1.0WorMzy Tykashi
2023-02-21Updated to 32.0.1WorMzy Tykashi
2023-01-24Updated to 32.0.0WorMzy Tykashi
2022-12-20Updated to 31.4.2WorMzy Tykashi
2022-11-29Updated to 31.4.1WorMzy Tykashi
2022-11-28Sync with upstream-recommended settingsWorMzy Tykashi
2022-11-22Updated to 31.4.0WorMzy Tykashi
2022-11-01Updated to 31.3.1WorMzy Tykashi
2022-09-28Updated to Tykashi
2022-09-27Updated to 31.3.0WorMzy Tykashi
2022-08-03Updated to Tykashi
2022-07-07Updated to 31.1.1WorMzy Tykashi
2022-06-08Updated to 31.1.0WorMzy Tykashi
2022-05-10Switch to system gcc (11.2)WorMzy Tykashi
2022-05-10Updated to 31.0.0WorMzy Tykashi
2022-04-12Updated to 29.4.6WorMzy Tykashi
2022-03-30Updated to Tykashi
2022-03-23Updated to 29.4.5WorMzy Tykashi
2022-03-21Reverted to 29.4.4, epoch bumpWorMzy Tykashi
2022-03-21Updated to 30.0.1WorMzy Tykashi
2022-03-18Updated to 30.0.0WorMzy Tykashi
2022-01-18Updated to 29.4.4WorMzy Tykashi
2021-12-26Remove git makedepWorMzy Tykashi
2021-12-15Updated to 29.4.3WorMzy Tykashi
2021-11-11Updated to Tykashi
2021-11-09Updated to 29.4.2WorMzy Tykashi
2021-09-14Update checksumsWorMzy Tykashi
2021-09-14Updated to 29.4.1WorMzy Tykashi
2021-08-23Updated to Tykashi
2021-08-18Updated to Tykashi
2021-08-17Updated to 29.4.0WorMzy Tykashi
2021-07-19Updated to 29.3.0WorMzy Tykashi
2021-06-08Updated to 29.2.1WorMzy Tykashi
2021-05-19Switch to gcc10WorMzy Tykashi
2021-05-18Switch to gcc9WorMzy Tykashi
2021-05-04Enable av1 in mozconfigWorMzy Tykashi
2021-04-27Updated to 29.2.0 for realsWorMzy Tykashi
2021-04-27Updated to 29.2.0WorMzy Tykashi
2021-03-30Updated to 29.1.1WorMzy Tykashi
2021-03-02Updated to 29.1.0WorMzy Tykashi
2021-02-06Updated to 29.0.1WorMzy Tykashi
2021-02-02Updated to 29.0.0WorMzy Tykashi