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2020-01-02php 7.4.1Iliya Ivanov
2019-05-02version 7.3.5Iliya Ivanov
2019-04-08Add .SRCINFOIliya Ivanov
2019-03-26Bump PHP version and fixesIliya Ivanov
2018-12-06UPDATE .SRCINFO for 7.3.0Iliya Ivanov
2018-11-26Update to php 7.2.12 + fix enchant and freetype-config depsIliya Ivanov
2018-01-21Updated to version 7.2.1Andrew Shelyakov
2017-11-12Updated to version 7.2.0RC6Andrew Shelyakov
2017-11-06Updated to version 7.2.0RC5Andrew Shelyakov
2017-08-19Updated to version 7.2.0beta3Andrew Shelyakov
2017-08-17Add "conflicts", "replaces", "provides" variables for subpackagesAndrew Shelyakov
2017-08-17New maintainer; Updated to version 7.1.8Andrew Shelyakov
2016-11-16add provideskrant
2016-11-16fix pkgbasekrant
2016-11-16rename packageskrant
2016-11-16initial commitkrant