path: root/0001-gl-renderer-Add-EGLDevice-enumeration-support.patch
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-29Update to Weston 8.0.0Erik Kurzinger
2019-09-27Add patches to fix display hotpluggingMiguel A. Vico
2019-08-26Update to weston 7.0.0Miguel A. Vico
2019-06-24Update to weston 6.0.1Miguel A. Vico
2019-03-27Update to weston 6.0.0Miguel A. Vico
2019-03-26Fix build failure due to pango pkgconfig not listing gobject-2.0 libsMiguel A. Vico
2018-08-24Update to weston 5.0.0Miguel A. Vico
2018-04-11Update to weston 4.0.0Miguel A. Vico
2017-08-09Update to weston 3.0.0Miguel A. Vico
2017-02-27Update to weston 2.0.0Miguel A. Vico