AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-10fix for 5.10Arpan Kapoor
2020-08-16fix for 5.8Arpan Kapoor
2020-04-10patches for linux 5.6Arpan Kapoor
2019-08-25fix for kernel 5.2Arpan Kapoor
2019-05-17fixes for kernel 5.1Arpan Kapoor
2019-03-06patch for linux5Arpan Kapoor
2019-03-02fix 4.19 issuesArpan Kapoor
2018-09-23Fix for timer_list changes in 4.15Arpan Kapoor
2018-08-12Add ?dl=1 to dropbox urlArpan Kapoor
2017-07-31Add new header <linux/sched/signal.h>Arpan Kapoor
2017-04-16Update dropbox linkArpan Kapoor
2016-05-10Replace is_compat_task() with in_compat_syscall()Arpan Kapoor
2016-01-02Fix use of function seq_printf returning voidArpan Kapoor
2015-12-09Add LED blink patchArpan Kapoor
2015-10-07Initial commitArpan Kapoor