AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-24Update descriptionCodebling
2023-02-22Update package descriptionCodebling
2020-12-02Clean up after buildingCode Bling
2020-10-11Update .SRCINFOCode Bling
2020-10-11Update package descriptionCode Bling
2020-10-03Add .gitignoreCode Bling
2020-10-03Update SRCINFOCode Bling
2020-10-03Install firmwareCode Bling
2020-10-03Update package descriptionCode Bling
2020-10-03Add a 'conflicts' section to prevent installation conflicts with other AUR dr...Code Bling
2020-10-03Change package name to reflect repo changeCode Bling
2020-10-03Update make directories to correspond to new repoCode Bling
2020-10-03Use kelebek source repoCode Bling
2020-10-03Fix "pkgver" string in directory nameCode Bling
2020-07-07Updated: Upstream URLGoliathLabs
2020-06-11Updated: PKGBUILDGoliathLabs
2020-06-07Added: 5.6 patchGoliathLabs
2020-06-07Initial commitGoliathLabs