AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-14Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Timmer
2019-05-14Disable additional GCC errorsIwan Timmer
2018-06-19Add missing Python 2 make dependencyIwan Timmer
2018-06-14Update version and cleanup dependenciesIwan Timmer
2018-06-14Fix build after recent changes in AnboxIwan Timmer
2018-01-07Move modules-load.d fileIwan Timmer
2017-09-01Fix Python 2 usageIwan Timmer
2017-05-26Update data path for container manager serviceIwan Timmer
2017-05-15Rename Anbox network bridgeIwan Timmer
2017-05-13Update bridge for new static network configurationIwan Timmer
2017-05-09Readd gtest dependencyIwan Timmer
2017-05-09Add SDL2_image dependencyIwan Timmer
2017-04-28Remove requirement for GMockIwan Timmer
2017-04-19Add missing make dependencyIwan Timmer
2017-04-18Update version numberingIwan Timmer
2017-04-18Remove unneeded NAME from udev rulesIwan Timmer
2017-04-18Provide network support using systemd-networkdIwan Timmer
2017-04-15Additional build dependenciesIwan Timmer
2017-04-13Add missing hash for desktop fileIwan Timmer
2017-04-13Depends on anbox-imageIwan Timmer
2017-04-13Provide desktop entry for Anbox application launcherIwan Timmer
2017-04-13Fix loading translatorsIwan Timmer
2017-04-13Add udev rules and load required modules on bootIwan Timmer
2017-04-13Add systemd service filesIwan Timmer
2017-04-13Split dkms modules in seperate packageIwan Timmer
2017-04-12Change descriptionIwan Timmer
2017-04-12Initial commitIwan Timmer