AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-20Update to 0.5.1Joshua Goins
2023-09-29Update to 0.4.2Joshua Goins
2022-07-07update hopefully fixesJoshua Goins
2022-07-07Update checksums and srcinfoJoshua Goins
2022-07-07Update to 0.4.1 to fix compilation errorJoshua Goins
2022-05-02Update to 0.4.0 release, add new dependenciesJoshua Goins
2022-03-16Merging user patchesJoshua Goins
2022-03-16Update SRCINFOJoshua Goins
2022-03-16Conflict with git versionJoshua Goins
2022-03-16Add initial PKGBUILDJoshua Goins