AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-02Remove ending slash from url.TankMissile
2020-07-01Remove crc64.patchTankMissile
2020-07-01PKGBUILD and changelog cleanup.TankMissile
2020-03-07Updated version to 1.1.TankMissile
2020-03-03Updated maintainer list.TankMissile
2020-03-03Increased pkgrel to 4.TankMissile
2020-03-03Used correct patch this time.TankMissile
2020-03-03Fixed initcpio-arch.patch to include dracut module.TankMissile
2020-03-03remove dracut from patchBjoern Franke
2018-12-13Refactor buildkpcyrd
2018-01-18Minor correctionskpcyrd
2015-06-09Update to: 1.0.8-1 - Fixed crc64 errrs on latest gccJustin Dray
2015-05-28Cleaned up organization for arch packages in prep for aur4Justin Dray