AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-15Upgraded to version 2.2Pablo Arias
2018-12-16Upgraded to version 2.1Pablo Arias
2018-10-07Updated to version 2.0Pablo Arias
2018-05-21Bumped to version 1.9Pablo Arias
2018-04-20Upgraded to version 1.8Pablo Arias
2017-10-071.7 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2017-06-291.6 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2017-04-101.5 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2016-10-20disable 32bit archJohnathan Jenkins
2016-10-17update to 1.4 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2016-10-04add conflictsJohnathan Jenkins
2016-10-04init versionJohnathan Jenkins