AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-31bump: 1.1.1.r48.g3537e86-1Josip Ponjavic
2018-11-10use mesonJosip Ponjavic
2018-03-15switch from unrar to unarJosip Ponjavic
2018-02-15bump...Josip Ponjavic
2017-11-02bump for upstream python2 script fixes, depend on libgranite.soJosip Ponjavic
2017-08-05bump...Josip Ponjavic
2017-07-27bump...Josip Ponjavic
2017-07-16update dependencies, p7zip to unzipJosip Ponjavic
2017-07-01update for latest changes, mobi supportJosip Ponjavic
2017-05-15bump, add unrar and unzip to dependsJosip Ponjavic
2017-05-07initial importJosip Ponjavic