AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-24Bump to version 2.2.0Alice Gaudon
2020-08-14caddy.service: fix XDG_CONFIG_HOME and Caddyfile pathAlice Gaudon
2020-08-06Use go build flags for go commandsAlice Gaudon
2020-08-06Bump pkgrelAlice Gaudon
2020-08-06Merge pull request #7 from ArisuOngaku/caddyfileAlice Gaudon
2020-08-06Merge branch 'master' into caddyfileAlice Gaudon
2020-08-06Merge pull request #6 from ArisuOngaku/remove-pkgverAlice Gaudon
2020-08-06Merge pull request #5 from ArisuOngaku/xcaddyAlice Gaudon
2020-08-06Go back to Caddyfile (instead of caddy.conf)Alice Gaudon
2020-08-06Remove pkgver() as this is not a -git packageAlice Gaudon
2020-08-06Build with version informationAlice Gaudon
2020-07-16Bump pkgrelAlice Gaudon
2020-07-16Merge pull request #2 from StevenDoesStuffs/masterAlice Gaudon
2020-07-15Fix GOPATH and GOFLAGSSteven Xu
2020-07-09Conflict with caddyAlice Gaudon
2020-07-09Merge pull request #1 from ArisuOngaku/next-rebaseAlice Gaudon
2020-07-02Remove caddy2.install and base the rest of the package on official current `n...Alice Gaudon
2020-06-30Bump to version 2.1.1Alice Gaudon
2020-06-29Bump to version 2.1.0 and remove /etc/caddy2/CaddyfileAlice Gaudon
2020-05-15Make package closer to official package, provide caddy instead of caddy2 and ...Alice Gaudon
2020-05-04Bump to version 2.0.0Alice Gaudon
2020-04-28Bump version to rc.3Alice Gaudon
2020-04-28Update and fix maintainers and previous maintainersAlice Gaudon
2020-02-04updated maintainer credentialsSylwek
2020-02-04updated to beta.13Sylwek
2020-01-11Bump version to beta12Narrat
2019-11-19Bump version to beta10Poscat
2019-11-11Add Caddyfile to sourcesPoscat
2019-11-06Add CaddyfilePoscat
2019-11-06Bump version to beta9Poscat
2019-10-29Bump version to beta7Poscat
2019-10-28Add service file and install scriptPoscat
2019-10-21Initial commitPoscat