AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-04Silence systemd error about ckb-daemonTasos Sahanidis
2019-10-24Fix self-conflictTasos Sahanidis
2019-10-08ckb-next v0.4.2 releaseTasos Sahanidis
2019-09-04Don't disable the daemon on upgradeTasos Sahanidis
2019-08-27Update to 0.4.1Tasos Sahanidis
2019-04-08depend on quazip to not use the bundled oneFrank Steinborn
2019-03-09Bump .SRCINFOYour Name
2019-03-09Update to 0.4.0Frank Steinborn
2018-12-29Change maintainerTasos Sahanidis
2018-10-09Update to 0.3.2Oleksii Vilchanskyi
2018-08-16Update to 0.3.1Oleksii Vilchanskyi
2018-05-01Update to 0.3.0Oleksii Vilchanskyi
2017-11-27Add libappindicator as an optdepOleksii Vilchanskyi
2017-11-15Do not enable & start the daemon by defaultOleksii Vilchanskyi
2017-07-29Kill ckb in pre_upgrade and pre_removeOleksii Vilchanskyi
2017-07-28Provide [pre|post]-[install|upgrade|remove] funcsOleksii Vilchanskyi
2017-07-11Bump pkgrel so that previous commit gets populatedOleksii Vilchanskyi
2017-07-11Edit conflicts=() array, add provides=() arrayOleksii Vilchanskyi
2017-06-28First releaseOleksii Vilchanskyi