AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-22Upgrade to dcf282992eb8 + patch for P950ERMarc ROZANC
2018-05-02Update .SRCINFOMarc ROZANC
2018-02-12Fix the wmi API call on kernel 4.14Marc ROZANC
2017-07-30Fix zip changeMarc ROZANC
2017-07-29Bitbucket owner changedMarc ROZANC
2017-05-11Removes linux dependencyMarc ROZANC
2016-11-01Removes unneeded kernel versionMarc ROZANC
2016-10-14Update to v1.1Marc Rozanc
2016-06-14DKMS support improvedMarc Rozanc
2016-03-16Fixes a typo in the post-upgrade messageMarc Rozanc
2016-03-16Updates the package to Arch's new DKMS conventionsMarc Rozanc
2016-01-01Update to v0.8Marc Rozanc
2015-12-26Update to v0.7Marc Rozanc
2015-11-21Adds missing provides information for compatibility with utilMarc Rozanc
2015-11-21Update to v0.6Marc Rozanc
2015-07-06Initial importMarc Rozanc