AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-19Revert "Fix build against eigen:3.4"bartus
2021-09-10Drop `vxl` dependency no longer requiredbartus
2021-08-31Fix build against eigen:3.4bartus
2021-05-31Fix gcc:11bartus
2021-03-17Pop versionbartus
2021-03-17Add git submodule with git_submodule_PKGBUILD_conf.shbartus
2021-03-17Add missing qt5-websockets depbartus
2021-03-17Update .SRCINFObartus
2021-03-11updated to match latest changes in CC sources - removed DLIB, which is now sh...Luca
2021-03-09also enable latest pluginsluca from muntzer
2021-03-09added latest plugin and fixed minor problemsluca from muntzer
2020-12-06Fix cmake flags and cork buildbartus
2020-12-05Port aur/cloudcompare changesbartus
2020-04-29Drop unneeded patch.bartus
2020-02-28Switch to Ninja.bartus
2020-02-28Update constexpr.patchbartus
2019-07-12fix lib path, update version, update .SRCINFObartus
2019-04-13fix constexpr.patch dropped in prev commitbartus
2019-04-10add *.desktop shortcuts to CloudCompare and ccViewerbartus
2019-03-14pop versionbartus
2019-02-18update constexpr.patchbartus
2019-01-17fix constexpr not working agains CGALbartus
2018-10-25update depsbartus
2018-09-06update makedepends array (python)bartus
2018-07-29remove upstream applied patchbartus
2018-07-29fix missing header in qCompass pluginbartus
2018-06-05update dependencies, pop versionbartus
2018-01-03replace liblas with pdalbartus
2017-12-06turn on rancac plugin, add pcl makedeps {libharu,proj}bartus
2017-07-29remove cgal.patch as it was fixed upstreambartus
2017-06-21pop versionbartus
2017-06-03fix cgal cmake scriptbartus
2017-06-03pop release for boost updatebartus
2017-05-01temporary fix for cmake symlinking issuebartus
2017-03-19extend compiled pluginsbartus
2017-03-18new version, reformat, include missing makedepbartus
2016-11-15update .SRCINFOSven Brauch
2016-11-15optionally build with liblasSven Brauch
2016-11-15use default install dirs instead of copying everything aroundSven Brauch
2016-11-15remove weird "do you want to edit cmake config" querySven Brauch
2016-11-15fix make commandSven Brauch
2016-11-15fix install dirSven Brauch
2016-11-15fix dependenciesSven Brauch
2015-08-20Initial commitDanilo