AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysDisable dtl submodule patchUffe Jakobsen
2024-06-03Add patch: submodule dtl-v1.20 cannot compile on gcc >= 14.1.1 and clang >= 1...Uffe Jakobsen
2024-05-15Update patchUffe Jakobsen
2024-04-16Update patchUffe Jakobsen
2024-04-09Update patchUffe Jakobsen
2024-03-22Patch updateUffe Jakobsen
2024-03-07Update patchUffe Jakobsen
2024-03-05Patch updateUffe Jakobsen
2023-10-24clean up - remove NATIVEBOOK define - does not work anymoreUffe Jakobsen
2023-09-18Update againUffe Jakobsen
2023-09-18Update againUffe Jakobsen
2023-09-18Update patchUffe Jakobsen
2023-09-18Update - adapt to submodule changes on CodeLite master branchUffe Jakobsen
2023-08-18Clean upUffe Jakobsen
2023-08-17Clean upUffe Jakobsen
2023-07-24Clean upUffe Jakobsen
2023-07-24UpdateUffe Jakobsen
2023-06-06(no commit message)Uffe Jakobsen
2023-03-21DebugAdapterClient CMakeLists cxx17 patch is not needed anymore on latest masterUffe Jakobsen
2023-03-20codelite master needs patching to compile (while waiting for PR to be merged)Uffe Jakobsen
2023-01-12UpdateUffe Jakobsen
2023-01-02After changes on codelite master branch - use CL_PREFIX to prevent installati...Uffe Jakobsen
2023-01-02Refresh FSW patchUffe Jakobsen
2022-12-19Refresh FSW patchUffe Jakobsen
2022-12-18Correct typoUffe Jakobsen
2022-12-18Notify that a new release has been put outUffe Jakobsen
2022-12-17Refresh FSW patchUffe Jakobsen
2022-12-16Refresh FSW patchUffe Jakobsen
2022-12-09Flip nativebook optionUffe Jakobsen
2022-12-08Refresh FSW patchUffe Jakobsen
2022-12-07Clean up - prepare for ninja build (still disabled)Uffe Jakobsen
2022-12-07Refresh FSW patchUffe Jakobsen
2022-11-17Add optional fsw symlink patch - disabledUffe Jakobsen
2022-11-17Refresh PKGBUILD to support latest codelite developmentsUffe Jakobsen
2021-01-12Updated wxgtk dependency to wxgtk3.jgmdev
2020-11-17Fixed some minor issues.jgmdev
2020-11-17Disabled mysql support, since it fails to build.jgmdev
2020-02-10Added aarch64.jgmdev
2019-01-21Added git as makedepend.jgmdev
2018-12-15Updated version number reference.jgmdev
2018-04-05Removed webkitgtk2 from dependencies.jgmdev
2018-04-04Updated version number.jgmdev
2018-01-10Bump version.jgmdev
2018-01-10Minor changes.jgmdev
2017-02-24Updated git version.jgmdev
2016-10-02Updated description to match that one on github.jgmdev
2016-10-01Updated package description, since codelite now is more than a C/C++ IDE.jgmdev
2016-10-01Updated package description, since codelite now is more than a C/C++ IDE.jgmdev
2016-09-30Updated version revision.jgmdev
2016-09-28Added some other dependencies as found on main codelite aur package.jgmdev