AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-18Update to v5.8.0Tobias Borgert
2020-11-27Update to v5.7.5Tobias Borgert
2020-11-16Update to v5.7.4Tobias Borgert
2020-11-09Update to v5.7.3Tobias Borgert
2020-10-01Use --noconfirm in autoup.bashTobias Borgert
2020-10-01Update to v5.7.2Tobias Borgert
2020-09-17Update to v5.7.1. Use git repository now instead of release tarball.Tobias Borgert
2020-06-28Corrected version
2020-06-28Update to version
2020-05-03Updated .SRCINFOTobias Borgert
2020-05-03Update to version 5.5.5Tobias Borgert
2020-03-12Update to v5.5.4Tobias Borgert
2020-02-24Update to v5.5.3Tobias Borgert
2020-02-08Removed 'armv6h' again as build failed on my Raspberry Pi.Tobias Borgert
2020-02-08Added 'armv6h' to supported archs. This is a deviation from the AUR packaging...Tobias Borgert
2020-02-07Set ECAL_THIRDPARTY_BUILD_CMAKE_FUNCTIONS to ON againTobias Borgert
2020-02-04Update to upstream v5.5.2Tobias Borgert
2019-12-04Update to version 5.5.1Tobias Borgert
2019-11-03Fixed versioning.Tobias Borgert
2019-11-03Updated dependencies (hdf5, spdlog).Tobias Borgert
2019-11-03Update to upstream version 5.5.0Tobias Borgert
2019-09-23Update to upstream version 5.4.0. We need to think about how to add the capnp...Tobias Borgert
2019-09-12Update to upstream version 5.3.5.Tobias Borgert
2019-07-19Fixed supported platformsTobias Borgert
2019-07-19Update to v5.3.4.4Tobias Borgert
2019-07-10Fixed .SRCINFO.Tobias Borgert
2019-07-10Updated to version v5.3.5. Thanks to upstream, no more patch is required.Tobias Borgert
2019-06-14Removed the -j flag again from make that was only added for debugging.Tobias Borgert
2019-06-14Combine all cmake scripts in /usr/lib/cmake/ so that developing with cmakeTobias Borgert
2019-06-13Moved asio and tclap to build dependencies.Tobias Borgert
2019-06-13Added graphviz as a build dependency.Tobias Borgert
2019-06-13Set the version string correctly via sed until upstream provides a solution f...Tobias Borgert
2019-06-13Corrected location of configuration files.Tobias Borgert
2019-06-12Removed -j flag for make.Tobias Borgert
2019-06-12Moved simpleini to build dependencies.Tobias Borgert
2019-06-12Added doxygen as a build dependency.Tobias Borgert
2019-06-12Initial commit.Tobias Borgert