AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-21Update for elm 0.19.0Lukas Werling
2018-07-11Update with suggestions from AUR commentsLukas Werling
2018-06-08Fix elm-compiler hashLukas Werling
2017-10-05Build with stack instead of cabalLukas Werling
2016-11-14Update for elm 0.18.0Lukas Werling
2016-07-12GHC 8 fix from Homebrew repositoryMarek Kubica
2016-07-11Update for elm 0.17.1Lukas Werling
2016-06-12Fix build with GHC 8Lukas Werling
2016-06-10Include $pkgver in zip file names to ease upgradesLukas Werling
2016-05-11Update for elm 0.17Lukas Werling
2015-11-28Update sha256sumsLukas Werling
2015-11-20Fix mixed indentationLukas Werling
2015-11-20Initial PKGBUILD for elm-platform 0.16Lukas Werling