AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-26update for newest hunspellBrian Bidulock
2018-02-25adopted and simplifiedhaawda
2017-12-12Contribution added.Jörg Schuck
2017-12-12That patch actually works way better and much cleaner. Thanks to the user dtb...Jörg Schuck
2017-12-12Implementing a messy workaround. Seems to get it built on different systems m...Jörg Schuck
2017-12-07This makes it buildable without a clean chroot.Jörg Schuck
2017-12-06This should do it.Jörg Schuck
2017-12-06Version update.Jörg Schuck
2017-12-06Versioning.Jörg Schuck
2017-12-03Made a working version for now.Jörg Schuck
2017-12-03Initial commit with the original PKGBUILD.Jörg Schuck