AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysCheck for readable EVE.conf added to avoid misleading error messages.Jernuh Zakalwe
5 daysChanged string handling in function check_wineJernuh Zakalwe
6 daysUpdate to evelauncher version 1533874.Jernuh Zakalwe
8 daysSuppress winemenubuilder call by setting file associations.Jernuh Zakalwe
11 daysUpdate to evelauncher version 1533170.Jernuh Zakalwe
12 daysUpdate to evelauncher version 1532453.Jernuh Zakalwe
13 daysUpdate to evelauncher version 1531417.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-06-23Function check_wine moved to evelauncher.shlib and merged with check_custom_w...Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-06-02Minor changes on test environment and separate test build from production build.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-06-01Version info and checksum are now in and included on ...Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-31Minor changes on build script.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-29PKGBUILD script fixed. (Not my day today)Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-29Finally all wrong evelauncher version informations fixed.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-29Wrong evelauncher version in AUR's fixed.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-29Wrong launcher version and checksum in independed setup fixed.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-28Update to evelauncher version 1514997.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-27Build script for independed installer changed. Launcher binaries are nowJernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-18Remove internal wine after switching to custom wine to avoid internal registr...Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-18Support for older wine versions less than 4.0 removed.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-08Update to new evelauncher version 1501045, no other changes.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-05Restriction of used wine version removed for tests with new CCP wine versions.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-01Minor changes on helper scripts (source command there removed also).Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-01Minor changes on (source command removerd).Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-03-03Avoiding some bashism. Cosmetic changes. Wrong archive name exchanged.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-03-0332bit restriction removed from used wine environment for coming 64bit client.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-02-14Old evelauncher version in fixed.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-02-13Wine version check changed for versions >=4.0Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-01-27Wine version check in of version <=3.20 removed because wine s...Jernuh Zakalwe
2018-12-22Wine version check changed for more versions.Jernuh Zakalwe
2018-11-18Handling from whitespaces in $WINEPATH removed, it causes to many side effects,Jernuh Zakalwe
2018-11-17Minor changes on Zakalwe
2018-11-14After closing Bug 43358 in Wine (XAudio 2.7 sound bug) set Wine in XP-Mode ar...Jernuh Zakalwe
2018-11-05Large icons added.Jernuh Zakalwe Zakalwe
2018-10-20External sources handling in changed.Jernuh Zakalwe
2018-10-19Replaced evewinecfg and everegedit with symlinks to evewine which execute the...Jernuh Zakalwe
2018-10-17Fix some typos in Zakalwe
2018-10-16Added build script for creating distribution independed installer.Jernuh Zakalwe
2018-10-14Removed eveoverrides icons.Jernuh Zakalwe
2018-10-13Another TypoJernuh Zakalwe
2018-10-13Fixed TypoJernuh Zakalwe
2018-10-13Fixed typo in PKGBUILDJernuh Zakalwe
2018-10-12Command eveoverrides removed.Jernuh Zakalwe
2018-10-12Initial CommitJernuh Zakalwe