AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-0443.1-1: version updateYiyao Yu
2022-07-0342.3-1: version updateYiyao Yu
2022-05-2942.2-1: version updateYiyao Yu
2022-02-2241.1.3-3: added patch for meson i18n incorrect argsYiyao Yu
2021-12-1041.1.3-2: fixed removed browser plugin supportYiyao Yu
2021-12-1040.1.3-1: version updateYiyao Yu
2021-11-0140.4-2: Changed source back to Gnome Gitlab to fix meson errorsYiyao Yu
2021-08-1540.4-1: version updateYiyao Yu
2021-03-3040.1-1: version updateYiyao Yu
2021-02-153.38.2-1: version updateYiyao Yu
2021-02-053.38.1-1: version updateYiyao Yu
2020-10-253.38.0-3: Force version update to fix issues with AURYiyao Yu
2020-10-25Fixed .SRCINFOYiyao Yu
2020-10-253.38.0-2: Removed unnecessary gnome dependenciesYiyao Yu
2020-10-253.38.0-1: Upstream update, change to use mesonYiyao Yu
2020-06-123.36.5-1: Upstream updateYiyao Yu
2020-05-263.36.1-1: Upstream updateYiyao Yu
2020-03-283.36.0-1: Upstream updateYiyao Yu
2019-12-173.34.2-1: Upstream updateYiyao Yu
2019-10-203.34.1-1: Upstream updateYiyao Yu
2019-09-013.32.0-3: Added libsynctex as a dependencyYiyao Yu
2019-08-31Added missing .SRCINFOYiyao Yu
2019-08-313.32.0-2: Changed source from git to tarball. Fixed version mismatchYiyao Yu
2019-06-213.32.0-1: New upstream + update, updated makedependsYiyao Yu
2018-10-273.30.2-1: Upstream updateGordonGR
2018-10-013.30.1-1: Upstream updateGordonGR
2018-09-233.30.0+8+g238f8ee6-1: Upstream updateGordonGR
2018-04-153.28.2-1: Upstream updateGordonGR
2018-03-253.28.0-1: Upstream updateGordonGR
2017-10-073.26.0+14+g2a499547-1: Upstream updateGordonGR
2017-07-233.24.1-1: Upstream updateGordonGR
2017-07-163.24.0+12+g717df38f-1: Upstream updateGordonGR
2017-04-293.24.0+8+ga8363215-1: Upstream updateGordonGR
2017-03-253.24.0-1: Upstream updateGordonGR
2017-03-123.22.1-3: Upstream updateGordonGR
2017-01-023.22.1-2: Added dconf as a dependenyGordonGR
2016-10-123.22.1-1: Upstream update (Gnome 3.22 update)GordonGR
2016-08-133.20.1-2: Put the browser plugin where only Epiphany will find itGordonGR
2016-06-263.20.1-1: Upstream updateGordonGR
2016-05-093.20.0-2: Fix Arch Bug FS#49270GordonGR
2016-04-103.20.0-1: Upstream updateGordonGR
2015-12-123.18.2-2: C++11 ABI rebuildGordonGR
2015-11-123.18.2-1: Upstream update (and fixed a typo)GordonGR
2015-10-253.18.1-1: Upstream updateGordonGR
2015-10-09Initial importGordonGR