AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-17Rework PKGBUILDSkunnyk
2018-07-18Fix typo in the gtk2 versionIgor
2018-05-15Update version and dependencies to 0.12.0Igor
2017-03-041:0.11.2.r1806.0cf234f-1: I hope I've fixed the provides section in the webpageGordonGR
2016-09-201:0.11.1.r1771.e1357f8-1: Adopted, fixed some small things and enabled hooksGordonGR
2016-09-10Im sleeped than normalPablo Lezaeta
2016-09-10use libxfce4ui devel insteadPablo Lezaeta
2016-09-10I dont have stable internet to test it but I tryed update the thingPablo Lezaeta
2015-06-11Initial importJonathan Yantis