AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-06New upstream option: libqrencodeDaniel Bermond
2023-11-25Bring back support for opencvDaniel Bermond
2023-11-25Add new upstream options: libaribcaption, libxevd and libxeveDaniel Bermond
2023-11-24Fix svt-hevc patch to match latest upstream changesDaniel Bermond
2023-11-17Update libklvanc dependencyDaniel Bermond
2023-11-14Add missing libharfbuzz. Add libopenvino. Refresh patches.Daniel Bermond
2023-10-28Temporarily disable docs to fix build. Update nvenc dependency.Daniel Bermond
2023-10-01Update ffnvcodec-headers dependency and svt patchesDaniel Bermond
2023-06-20Add missing dependency for Intel QuickSync Video (QSV)Daniel Bermond
2023-03-16Fix svt-vp9 patch and update ffnvcodec-headers dependencyDaniel Bermond
2023-03-07Update svt-hevc and svt-vp9 patchesDaniel Bermond
2023-02-25Bring back flite1. Temporarily disable pocketsphinx. Refresh patch.Daniel Bermond
2023-02-11Fix svt-vp9Daniel Bermond
2023-01-24Temporarily disable libflite due to flite1 build errorDaniel Bermond
2022-11-13Fix svt-hevc. Enable av1_nvenc with ffnvcodec-headers-git.Daniel Bermond
2022-11-02Match latest upstream changesDaniel Bermond
2022-09-23Switch libjxl-git dependency to libjxlDaniel Bermond
2022-09-03Switch libmfx to libvpl. Cosmetic changes.Daniel Bermond
2022-08-04Update and reorganize dependenciesDaniel Bermond
2022-06-12New upstream option: libplacebo. Bring back svt-hevc and svt-vp9.Daniel Bermond
2022-05-10Refresh chromium patchDaniel Bermond
2022-04-25New upstream options: --enable-lcms2 and --enable-libjxlDaniel Bermond
2022-04-15Update flite dependencyDaniel Bermond
2022-03-22Temporarily disable svt-hevcDaniel Bermond
2022-03-20Add fix for avisynthplus and temporarily disable svt-vp9Daniel Bermond
2022-02-17Update vmaf dependencyDaniel Bermond
2022-01-29Add fix for building chromiumDaniel Bermond
2022-01-25Update vmaf dependencyDaniel Bermond
2022-01-19Update svt patchesDaniel Bermond
2021-06-19Update patchesDaniel Bermond
2021-04-29Remove libavresample. Disable libtensorflow. Update svt patches.Daniel Bermond
2021-04-17Fix svt-vp9 patchDaniel Bermond
2021-03-26New upstream option: --enable-librist. Re-enable glslang. Add lto.Daniel Bermond
2021-02-07depends: switch lensfun to lensfun-git to fix buildDaniel Bermond
2021-01-09depends: really switch pulseaudio to libpuseDaniel Bermond
2021-01-09depends: switch pulseaudio to libpulse. Refresh cuda11 patch.Daniel Bermond
2020-11-28Bring back rockchip-mpp support (upstream repo is now public again)Daniel Bermond
2020-10-08New upstream option: --enable-libuavs3dDaniel Bermond
2020-10-07Update svt-vp9 patchDaniel Bermond
2020-10-04Bring back smbclient support (fixed by upstream)Daniel Bermond
2020-10-02Remove libwavpack (removed by upstream)Daniel Bermond
2020-09-17Disable rockchip mppDaniel Bermond
2020-09-08Temporarily disable glslang. Fix svt-hevc doc patch.Daniel Bermond
2020-08-14Bring back tensorflow support (fixed by upstream)Daniel Bermond
2020-08-12Temporarily disable tensorflowDaniel Bermond
2020-08-04Update svt-hevc patchesDaniel Bermond
2020-08-01Update svt-hevc patch to match latest upstream changesDaniel Bermond
2020-07-29Remove the now unnedeed svt-av1 versionDaniel Bermond
2020-07-29Remove svt-av1 patch (not needed anymore, upstreamed by ffmpeg)Daniel Bermond
2020-07-28Bring back srt support (fixed by upstream ffmpeg)Daniel Bermond