AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-15add git as build dependencySeverin Glöckner
2022-05-15fix checksum check and upgrade meessageSeverin Glöckner
2021-10-24packaging & translation updateSeverin Glöckner
2021-09-14update .SRCINFOSeverin Glöckner
2021-09-14revive freedink packageSeverin Glöckner
2018-07-05Corrected DESTDIRDavid A. Redick
2018-07-05Added .gitignore, better dependencies, clean upDavid A. Redick
2015-06-28Changed MD5 to SHA256, updated the package and added a make dependency.Petteri Tolonen
2015-06-28Initial importPetteri Tolonen