AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysUpgrade to version 0.9.1Plague Doctor
2020-10-10Upgrade to version 0.9.0Plague Doctor
2020-10-05Upgrade to version 0.8.0Plague Doctor
2020-06-29Upgrade to version 0.7.3Plague Doctor
2020-06-24Build based on amd64.debPlague Doctor
2019-12-22Upgrade to version 0.7.2Plague Doctor
2019-10-15Upgrade to version 0.7.1Plague Doctor
2019-08-18Upgrade to version 0.7.0Plague Doctor
2019-07-09Upgrade to version 0.6.1Plague Doctor
2019-06-15Fix rights on chrome-sandbox. Take 2.Plague Doctor
2019-06-15Upgrade to version 0.6.0Plague Doctor
2019-04-19Upgrade to version 0.5.3Plague Doctor
2019-04-03Re-generated .SRCINFO filePlague Doctor
2019-04-02Fix multiple issues.Plague Doctor
2019-04-02Fix .SRCINFOPlague Doctor
2019-04-02Upgrade to version 0.5.2Plague Doctor