AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-05Update to 1.10.0Calvin McAnarney
2024-01-14Update to 1.9.8TomZ
2023-11-22New Fulcrum Release 1.9.7TomZ
2023-11-11Update to version 1.9.6TomZ
2023-11-06Update to latest: 1.9.5TomZ
2023-11-05Update to latestTomZ
2023-10-22Update to the 192 releaseTomZ
2023-05-20Use unreleased patch to make it build again.TomZ
2023-04-09Updated to 191TomZ
2022-12-20Release v1.9.0 - Fulcrum 1.9.0TomZ
2022-12-15Update to version 1.8.2TomZ
2022-11-24Install the systemd service file.TomZ
2022-11-24Update config and fix urlTomZ
2022-11-12new versionTomZ
2022-09-15new versionTomZ
2022-01-26New versionTomZ
2021-11-18New versionTomZ
2021-11-10New versionTomZ
2021-04-10critical bugfixTomZ
2021-04-09New versionTomZ
2021-03-03Update to new versionTomZ
2021-02-12bugfix releaseTomZ
2020-12-07new versionTomZ
2020-11-16Update to latestTomZ
2020-11-03New versionTomZ
2020-10-14version 1.2.11TomZ
2020-09-19Fix hashTomZ
2020-09-18New versionTomZ
2020-08-26Also register changes in srcinfoTomZ
2020-08-26Add opt depends and other fixletsTomZ
2020-08-12New vTomZ
2020-07-30Update to v128TomZ
2020-07-19new versionTomZ
2020-07-12New bugfix versionTomZ
2020-07-02new releaseTomZ
2020-07-01another new versionTomZ
2020-06-24New versionTomZ
2020-05-15Update to version 1.1.1TomZ
2020-04-17new version 1.1.0TomZ
2020-03-26backup config fileTomZ
2020-03-26update SRC info tooTomZ
2020-03-24new versionTomZ
2020-03-18New versionTomZ
2020-02-06new versionTomZ
2020-02-02New versionTomZ
2020-01-21version 1.0.1TomZ