AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysUpdate URL of sources, update package recipes like other ghdl-*-gitAdrien Prost-Boucle
2021-08-26Update gcc version to 11.2Adrien Prost-Boucle
2021-08-21Update to isl 0.24Adrien Prost-Boucle
2021-07-06Fix compilation error due to default makepkg default optionsAdrien Prost-Boucle
2021-04-26Fix license and architectures, update to gcc 10.3Adrien Prost-Boucle
2021-03-03Fix gcc-ada dependency + update version of sourcesAdrien Prost-Boucle
2020-04-25Use gcc 9.3 and remove -j1 at compilation of ghdllibAdrien Prost-Boucle
2020-03-23Update versions of gcc and islAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-12-03Add version to provided package namesAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-12-02Change revision numbering to include commit short hashAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-09-25Add symlink to main libAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-09-24Fix install conflict with libibertyAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-09-10Update url + enable synthesisAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-08-11Keep libiberty files + install libghdlsynthAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-07-03UpdatesAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-03-05Fix getting versionAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-03-05Update for new GHDL git repositoryAdrien Prost-Boucle
2017-12-19Use same configure options than package ghdlAdrien Prost-Boucle
2017-10-12Use gcc v7.2 because 7.1 incompatible with glibc 2.26Adrien Prost-Boucle
2017-08-19Update to gcc 7.1 and remove cloogAdrien Prost-Boucle
2017-06-20Update for new GHDL MakefileAdrien Prost-Boucle
2016-11-27Fix compilation of VHDL libraries, which has changed upstreamAdrien Prost-Boucle
2016-10-30Get version string according to upstream updatesAdrien Prost-Boucle
2016-04-30Fixed source URL for isl and cloogAdrien Prost-Boucle
2015-12-14Fix gcc md5sumAdrien Prost-Boucle
2015-12-14Update dependencies + switch to gcc version 4.9.3Adrien Prost-Boucle
2015-12-02Initial commitAdrien Prost-Boucle