AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-20use SPDX license identifierMark Wagie
2023-10-17update for GNOME 45Mark Wagie
2023-10-15fix owner & group IDMark Wagie
2023-09-20correct maximum gnome-shell versionMark Wagie
2023-09-19fix typoMark Wagie
2023-09-19add maximum gnome-shell-versionMark Wagie
2023-08-19minor adjustmentsMark Wagie
2023-06-12Install locale to system directoryMark Wagie
2023-04-11update Maintainer infoMark Wagie
2023-04-11add missing build depMark Wagie
2021-12-20install schemas to glib folderMark Wagie
2021-10-29use MakefileMark Wagie
2021-05-04install new filesMark Wagie
2021-04-15initial commitMark Wagie