AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysrevert accidental branch changekarel
2 daysadd python-gobject dependencykarel
4 daysupdate python path to 3.8karel
14 daysdisable gr-ctrlport and remove wxpython dependencykarel
2019-09-26libvolk as dependencykarel
2019-07-23reinstate libvolk-git as dependencykarel
2019-07-12add python-pyqt5 dependencykarel
2019-07-09add python-click and python-click-plugins dependencieskarel
2019-05-30specify libvolk-git as dependency for nowkarel
2019-02-27provides and conflicts with gnuradio-companionkarel
2019-01-11add python-yaml dependencykarel
2018-12-31add python-cairo dependencykarel
2018-11-16add python-mako dependencykarel
2018-11-16update to build tech previewkarel
2017-11-14change libvolk-git to libvolkDavid Birks
2016-04-26Add libvolk dependency and fix buildDominik Heidler
2015-06-08initial commitDominik Heidler