AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-01Update to 7.2.30Dmitriy Morozov
2024-05-25Update to 7.2.29Dmitriy Morozov
2023-08-14Update to 7.2.28Dmitriy Morozov
2023-05-07Update to 7.2.27Dmitriy Morozov
2022-07-16Update to 7.2.26Dmitriy Morozov
2022-06-19Update to 7.2.25Dmitriy Morozov
2021-06-16Add issue396.patch + bump to pkgrel 3Dmitriy Morozov
2021-06-03Patch issue 392, bump to pkgrel 2Dmitriy Morozov
2021-04-07Update to 7.2.24Dmitriy Morozov
2020-12-24Update to 7.2.23Dmitriy Morozov
2020-12-20Update to 7.2.22Dmitriy Morozov
2020-10-28Update to 7.2.21Dmitriy Morozov
2020-08-07Change lua -> lua53 dependencyDmitriy Morozov
2020-06-27Add qt5-svg dependencyDmitriy Morozov
2020-06-25Update to 7.2.20Dmitriy Morozov
2020-06-14Update to 7.2.19Dmitriy Morozov
2020-05-20Update to 7.2.18Dmitriy Morozov
2020-05-09Update to 7.2.17Dmitriy Morozov
2020-05-02Add gsl dependencyDmitriy Morozov
2020-05-01Update to 7.2.16Dmitriy Morozov
2020-04-26Update to 7.2.15Dmitriy Morozov
2020-04-20Update to 7.2.14Dmitriy Morozov
2019-11-29Update dependencies: -python2 + hicolor-icon-themeDmitriy Morozov
2019-11-19Fix md5sum for ipe.desktopDmitriy Morozov
2019-11-18Add Philipp Fischbeck's patch to add the desktop iconDmitriy Morozov
2019-11-11Source changed on the server, update md5sumDmitriy Morozov
2019-10-08Update to 7.2.13Dmitriy Morozov
2019-05-06Update to 7.2.12Dmitriy Morozov
2019-03-09Update to 7.2.11Dmitriy Morozov
2019-02-05Update to 7.2.10Dmitriy Morozov
2019-01-16Update to 7.2.9Dmitriy Morozov
2019-01-15Update IpePresenter to the latest versionDmitriy Morozov
2019-01-14Update to .SRCINFODmitriy Morozov
2019-01-14Update to 7.2.8Dmitriy Morozov
2017-10-11Patch ipelib/ipeplatform.cpp per Michitux's suggestionDmitriy Morozov
2017-02-20Update to 7.2.7Dmitriy Morozov
2016-09-22Update md5sum for 7.2.6Dmitriy Morozov
2016-09-20Update to 7.2.6Dmitriy Morozov
2016-06-23Update to 7.2.4Dmitriy Morozov
2016-06-15Update to 7.2.3Dmitriy Morozov
2016-01-04Update to 7.2.1Dmitriy Morozov
2015-11-05Switch to source bintray.comDmitriy Morozov
2015-11-04Update IpePresenter to the Qt5 versionDmitriy Morozov
2015-10-26Update to 7.1.9Dmitriy Morozov
2015-09-03Update to 7.1.8Dmitriy Morozov
2015-06-19Update source path from sourceforge to githubDmitriy Morozov
2015-06-19Fixed compilation issue related to lua versions (use lua52)Dmitriy Morozov
2015-06-19Initial commit for AUR4; lost all previous history because of .SRCINFO requir...Dmitriy Morozov