AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysfix sourceeyenx
6 daysversion 3.1.0eyenx
6 daysMerge branch 'master' of ssh:// Tauro
2020-01-29update to v3.0.3Lukas Grossar
2019-12-17update to v3.0.2Lukas Grossar
2019-12-17version 3.0.2eyenx
2019-12-15bump pkgreleyenx
2019-12-09Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Tauro
2019-12-09Remove kubernetes-helm3 from conflicts, as it uses a different binary nameeyenx
2019-12-09Remove kubernetes-helm3 from conflicts, as it uses a different binary nameToni Tauro
2019-12-06upgrade to v3.0.1Lukas Grossar
2019-11-19remove glide dependency and improve buildLukas Grossar
2019-11-18update .SRCINFOLukas Grossar
2019-11-18update to v3.0.0Lukas Grossar
2019-10-29update to v2.15.2Lukas Grossar
2019-10-23update to v2.15.1Lukas Grossar
2019-10-18update to v2.15.0Lukas Grossar
2019-08-01update to v2.14.3Lukas Grossar
2019-07-12update to v2.14.2Lukas Grossar
2019-06-12update to v2.14.1Lukas Grossar
2019-05-16upgrade to v2.14.0Lukas Grossar
2019-05-07add supported architectures to archLukas Grossar
2019-05-07switch to arch anyLukas Grossar
2019-03-21update to v2.13.1Lukas Grossar
2019-02-28update to v2.13.0Lukas Grossar
2019-02-22include tiller binaryLukas Grossar
2019-01-23update to 2.12.3Lukas Grossar
2019-01-14upgrade to v2.12.2Lukas Grossar
2018-12-20update to v2.12.1Lukas Grossar
2018-12-11include manpages in packageLukas Grossar
2018-12-10update to v2.12.0Lukas Grossar
2018-10-02update to v2.11.0-3Lukas Grossar
2018-10-02upgrade to v2.11.0-2Lukas Grossar
2018-09-25update to v2.11.0Lukas Grossar
2018-08-20update to v2.10.0Lukas Grossar
2018-07-182.9.1-4 fixes install invocationLukas Grossar
2018-07-18release 2.9.1-3 to fix error with zsh completionLukas Grossar
2018-05-15fix error with checksumsLukas Grossar
2018-05-15update to v2.9.1Lukas Grossar
2018-04-27update to v2.9.0Lukas Grossar
2018-03-12update to v2.8.2Lukas Grossar
2018-02-13update to v2.8.1Lukas Grossar
2018-01-23update to v2.8.0Lukas Grossar
2017-12-01update to v2.7.2Lukas Grossar
2017-10-24update to 2.7.0Lukas Grossar
2017-10-07update to 2.6.2Lukas Grossar
2017-08-21update to 2.6.0Lukas Grossar
2017-08-01fix error with pkgverLukas Grossar
2017-07-30fix error with checksumsLukas Grossar
2017-07-30update to v2.5.1Lukas Grossar