AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-08Moved copy and symlinks from ppd files from install script into PKGBUILD and ...Dominik Wetzel
2022-10-26Added provides and conflict for kyocera-cupsDominik Wetzel
2022-08-15Updated to new version. Made it more dynamicDominik Wetzel
2021-11-09Updated to Kyodialog9Dominik Wetzel
2021-06-23Updated to version 8Dominik Wetzel
2018-11-14Updated package to version 5, thanks to Julian EckhardtDominik Wetzel
2018-02-26changed pkgrelDominik Wetzel
2018-02-26Added lib32 stuff and set DLAGENTS to wget instead of curlDominik Wetzel
2017-11-06Stripped the debian package from kdialog (it could not do anything on my mach...Dominik Wetzel