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2024-01-02bump to 5.3.5Guillaume Horel
2023-06-20bump to 5.2.73Guillaume Horel
2023-03-15bump to 5.2.32Guillaume Horel
2022-11-25bump to 5.1.71Guillaume Horel
2021-11-25boost instead of boost-libsGuillaume Horel
2021-11-25update makedependsGuillaume Horel
2021-11-25bump to 5.0.53Guillaume Horel
2021-11-25bump to 5.0.35Guillaume Horel
2021-08-04bump to 5.0.3Guillaume Horel
2021-05-11bump to 4.5.13Guillaume Horel
2020-12-27bump to 4.4.21Guillaume Horel
2020-12-19bump to 4.4.19Guillaume Horel
2020-11-27bump to 4.4.13Guillaume Horel
2020-11-08bump to 4.4.6Guillaume Horel
2020-07-25initial importGuillaume Horel