AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-27Update to Runge
2022-10-14Update to Runge
2022-10-07Upgrade to Runge
2022-08-14Upgrade to Runge
2022-05-19Rebuild against gcc 12.1.0-2David Runge
2022-05-11Rebuild against gcc 12.1David Runge
2022-05-10Upgrade to Runge
2022-03-03Rebuild for a glibc rebuildDavid Runge
2022-02-14Rebuild against glibc 2.35/ gcc 11.2.0David Runge
2022-02-10Upgrade to Runge
2021-12-18Upgrade to Runge
2021-11-20Upgrade to Runge
2021-11-13Rebuild to change configDavid Runge
2021-11-13Upgrade to Runge
2021-09-13Upgrade to Runge
2021-09-08Upgrade to Runge
2021-07-19Upgrade to Runge
2021-05-18Rebuild against gcc 11.1.0David Runge
2021-03-13Upgrade to Runge
2021-03-04Upgrade to Runge
2021-02-17Upgrade to Runge
2021-02-11Upgrade to Runge
2021-02-06Rebuild against glibc 2.33David Runge
2021-02-04Upgrade to Runge
2021-01-22Upgrade to Runge
2021-01-12Upgrade to Runge
2020-10-29Upgrade to Runge
2020-10-26Upgrade to Runge
2020-10-21Rebuild to add all changes from core/linuxDavid Runge
2020-10-21Upgrade to Runge
2020-08-21Upgrade to Runge
2020-07-14Upgrading to Runge
2020-06-17Upgrading to Runge
2020-06-11Upgrading to Runge
2020-05-27Upgrading to Runge
2020-05-27Upgrading to Runge
2020-05-14Rebuilding against gcc >= 10.1.0David Runge
2020-05-05PKGBUILD: Upgrading to Runge
2020-04-16Upgrading to Runge
2020-04-08PKGBUILD: Adding patches for ALSA issues (FS#66159).David Runge
2020-04-07PKGBUILD: Upgrading to Runge
2020-03-30PKGBUILD: Upgrading to Runge
2020-03-30PKGBUILD: Upgrading to Runge
2020-03-28.SRCINFO: Updating for Runge
2020-03-20PKGBUILD: Upgrading to Runge
2020-03-14PKGBUILD: Rebuilding against gcc 9.3.0.David Runge
2020-03-07PKGBUILD: Upgrading to Runge
2020-03-07PKGBUILD: Upgrading to Runge
2020-03-01Upgrading to Removing upstreamed ACPI-PM-s2idle-Rework-ACPI-events...David Runge
2020-02-15PKGBUILD: Upgrading to Runge