AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
31 hoursbump to 4.14.59-rt37-1Joakim Hernberg
2018-02-28bump to 4.9.84_rt62-1Joakim Hernberg
2018-02-09bump to 4.9.76_rt61-2 to force rebuild due to new gcc version breaking out of...Joakim Hernberg
2018-02-04bump to 4.9.76_rt61-1Joakim Hernberg
2017-12-29new buildscript and bump to 4.9.68-rt60-1-rt-ltsJoakim Hernberg
2017-08-07bump to 4.4.79_rt92-1Joakim Hernberg
2017-07-14bump to 4.4.75_rt88-1Joakim Hernberg
2017-06-10bump to 4.4.70_rt83-1Joakim Hernberg
2017-05-24bump to 4.4.66_rt79-1Joakim Hernberg
2017-04-20bump to 4.4.60_rt73-1Joakim Hernberg
2017-03-18bump to 4.4.53_rt66-1Joakim Hernberg
2017-03-12bump to 4.4.50_rt63-1Joakim Hernberg
2017-02-25bump to 4.4.47_rt59-2 and patch CVE-2017-6074Joakim Hernberg
2017-02-16bump to 4.4.47_rt59-1Joakim Hernberg
2017-01-06bump to 4.4.39_rt50-rt-ltsJoakim Hernberg
2016-12-08bump to 4.4.32_rt43-2, add fix for CVE-2016-8655Joakim Hernberg
2016-11-19bump to 4.4.32_rt43-1Joakim Hernberg
2016-11-17bump to 4.4.10_rt41-1Joakim Hernberg
2016-10-26bump to 4.4.27_rt37-1Joakim Hernberg
2016-09-22bump to 4.4.21_rt30-1Joakim Hernberg
2016-09-21bump to 4.4.21_rt29-1Joakim Hernberg
2016-09-06bump to 4.4.19-rt19_rt27-1Joakim Hernberg
2016-08-18bump to 4.4.17_rt25-1Joakim Hernberg
2016-07-16bump to 4.4.15_rt23-1Joakim Hernberg
2016-06-30bump to 4.4.12_rt19-1Joakim Hernberg
2016-04-01bump to 3.18.29_rt30-1Joakim Hernberg
2016-03-19bump to 3.18.28_rt28-1Joakim Hernberg
2016-01-24bump to 3.18.25-rt23 and add patch for CVE-2016-0728Joakim Hernberg
2015-11-15bump to 3.18.24_rt22-1Joakim Hernberg
2015-09-08bump to 3.18.21_rt19-1Joakim Hernberg
2015-08-12bump to 3.18.20_rt18-1Joakim Hernberg
2015-08-11bump to 3.18.18_rt16-1Joakim Hernberg
2015-08-05bump to 3.18.18_rt15-1Joakim Hernberg
2015-07-04bump to 3.18.17_rt14-1Joakim Hernberg
2015-06-25bump to 3.18.16_rt13-1Joakim Hernberg
2015-06-11make the HWLAT_DETECTOR driver a module instead of builtinJoakim Hernberg
2015-06-08Intitial import of linux-rt-lts (4.0.4_rt1-2)Joakim Hernberg