AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-30Updated build scripts to version 61.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2022-11-20Added couple more directories to ignore file.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2022-11-20Further updates following addition of Godot dependency.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2022-11-19Updates to build process from AUR feedback.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2022-11-19Updated the script to version 60.0.0, which replaces the UI with Godot-based ...Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2022-11-19Updated patches to account for changes to Cargo.toml and the Makefile.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2022-09-03Version bump.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2022-08-17Bumped the version and added the SDL2 image library dependency.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2021-11-07Updated dependencies for the package.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2021-11-04Testing reproducible builds again.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2021-11-03Update to dependencies.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2021-10-03Added gtk3 to dependencies after its inclusion in luxtorpeda binaries.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2021-09-25Moved the size optimisations above dependencies list.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2021-08-08Updated the size optimisations patch to account for new dependencies.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2021-01-22Updated the package to point at currently developed fork of luxtorpeda.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik
2020-02-24Initial version of the package.Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik