AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-31Updated buildMr.Smith1974
2019-09-19add glu as dependencie and remove wxgtkAndres Urquijo
2019-09-19update to version 2.4.4Andres Urquijo
2019-03-14update to version 2.4.3Andres Urquijo
2018-04-03PKGBUILD for version 2.4.2Andres Urquijo
2018-04-03New version 2.4.2Andres Urquijo
2017-08-22Change to version 2.4.1Andres Urquijo
2017-06-19Change .SRCINFO fileAndres Urquijo
2017-06-19Change download urlAndres Urquijo
2017-06-17New .SRCINFO fileAndres Urquijo
2017-06-17New version 2.4Andres Urquijo
2016-05-24Change version into .SRCINFOAndres Urquijo
2016-05-24Update to version 2.3.5Andres Urquijo
2016-03-23Remove libgl dependence and add qt5 gsl and wxgtkAndres Urquijo
2016-03-23 AllAndres Urquijo
2015-09-01Adding dependeciesAndres Urquijo
2015-08-29Adding packageAndres Urquijo