AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-20Fixed checksumHetsh
2019-12-07Improvements to PKGBUILD and preparation scriptJan
2019-04-25Version bump, install update service and timerJan Metzger
2019-04-06Version bumpJan Metzger
2019-04-05Version bumpJan Metzger
2019-04-04Available for all architectures, version bumpJan Metzger
2019-04-02Added jq dependency, version bumpJan Metzger
2019-04-01Generate an example config file, inform user that config is not deleted, vers...Jan Metzger
2019-04-01Improved dependencies, version bumpJan Metzger
2019-03-31Initial file importJan Metzger