AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-26New version: 24.04Drommer
2024-03-31New versionDrommer
2024-03-14Actual version and service for KDE Plasma 6Drommer
2023-07-13New version 23.07Juan Simón
2023-06-29New version 23.06Juan Simón
2023-04-28New version 23.04. Now compiled with Qt6Juan Simón
2023-03-30New versionJuan Simón
2022-12-24fix version in PKGBUILDJuan Simon
2022-12-24New version: 22.12Juan Simon
2022-12-24New version: 22.12Juan Simon
2022-10-09New version: 22.09Juan Simon
2022-06-24Upgrade to v22.06Juan Simon
2022-04-04Updated to new version 22.03Juan Simon
2021-03-22New versionJuan Simon
2019-11-28uppercase parameters in desktop filesdigitalone
2019-09-11release 19.09digitalone
2019-07-17new releasedigitalone
2019-04-23new releasedigitalone
2019-04-22first commitdigitalone