AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-30Update to 0.16.10Mike Swanson
2020-09-17Update to 0.16.4Mike Swanson
2020-07-23Update to 0.15.86Mike Swanson
2020-04-14Update to 0.15.30Mike Swanson
2020-01-05Update to 0.15 tagMike Swanson
2019-11-15Update to 0.14.87Mike Swanson
2019-07-30Update to 0.14.57Mike Swanson
2019-07-25Update to 0.14.52Mike Swanson
2019-06-25Kind of amazing I didn’t see the pkgdesc wasn’t working…Mike Swanson
2019-06-25Update to 0.14.0Mike Swanson
2019-05-18Update to 0.13.88Mike Swanson
2019-04-28Update to 0.13.84Mike Swanson
2019-04-23Update to 0.13.76Mike Swanson
2019-04-16Update to 0.13.73Mike Swanson
2019-03-04Update to 0.13.10Mike Swanson
2018-05-07update .SRCINFO tooMike Swanson
2018-05-07Update to 0.12.254Mike Swanson
2018-04-22Update to 0.12.215Mike Swanson
2018-04-01Update to 0.12.210Mike Swanson
2018-01-17Update to 0.12.204Mike Swanson
2017-06-12Update to 0.12.196Mike Swanson
2017-05-03Update to 0.12.187Mike Swanson
2017-02-28Update to 0.12.158Mike Swanson
2016-12-07Update to 0.12.144Mike Swanson
2016-08-25Update to the 0.12.137 snapshotMike Swanson
2016-06-12Update to the 0.12.130 snapshotMike Swanson
2016-05-16Update to the 0.12.109 snapshotMike Swanson
2015-10-15Depend on python2-pillow instead of python-imagingMike Swanson
2015-10-12Split the package so that the docs are built and installed tooMike Swanson
2015-10-12Use tarball instead of git, use alt-root for installMike Swanson
2015-06-09Initial commitBuce