AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-01use `python-pixcat-an-prata`Evan Overman
2023-06-18update .SRCINFOEvan Overman
2023-06-18bump to pkgrel 2Evan Overman
2023-06-18require python >= 3.7Evan Overman
2023-06-18removed `python-ffmpeg` dep and moved to `python-pixcat-git` which uses pytho...Evan Overman
2021-11-21Fix pkgver; add python-colorthief dep for v1.5.0Francesco Minnocci
2021-05-07Switch to stable (repo) version of ueberzug.Francesco Minnocci
2021-04-22Fix python-pixcat package nameFrancesco Minnocci
2021-01-31Dump pkgver, fix deps (ueberzug is not optional)Francesco Minnocci
2021-01-31Add new dependency on python-ueberzug (optional as the default method isFrancesco Minnocci
2021-01-30Update .SRCINFOFrancesco Minnocci
2021-01-30Add missing pixcat dependencyFrancesco Minnocci
2021-01-30Initial package commitFrancesco Minnocci