AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-18Reverted last change. Error messages are actually displayed through stderr.Richard Neumann
2017-05-18Removed redirection of errors to stderr since they were not displayed.Richard Neumann
2017-05-18Updated SHA-256 checksums and versionRichard Neumann
2017-05-18Added checking for framebuffer device and redirected error messages to stderrRichard Neumann
2017-05-18Removed unnecessary call of clearRichard Neumann
2017-03-22Removed obsolete build dependenciesRichard Neumann
2017-03-22Added deprecated fbsplash package as conflictRichard Neumann
2017-03-22Updated hints and helpRichard Neumann
2017-03-22Added credits to PKGBUILDRichard Neumann
2017-03-22Initial commitRichard Neumann