AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-08Add -fcommon flag to the MakefileLisa White
2019-11-18Restart mtproxy after config update and on failure, patch out 'pid is 32 bit'...Lisa White
2018-06-06Fix mtproxy-config.service, it also needs a networkAleksey Filippov
2018-06-05Add free-form ARGS to mtproxy.confAleksey Filippov
2018-06-01Wrap service fileAleksey Filippov
2018-06-01Add pkgver(), fix network-online.targetAleksey Filippov
2018-05-31Add curl dependencyAleksey Filippov
2018-05-31Add systemd service and configuration filesAleksey Filippov
2018-05-31Add initial mtproto-proxyAleksey Filippov