AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-212024.1Mark Wagie
2024-01-21use SPDX license identifierMark Wagie
2023-12-062023.6Mark Wagie
2023-06-282023.4Mark Wagie
2023-05-27use local cargo cacheMark Wagie
2023-04-06correct shell-completions pathMark Wagie
2023-04-052023.3Mark Wagie
2023-03-072023.2Mark Wagie
2023-02-202023.1Mark Wagie
2022-11-13aarch64 not supportedMark Wagie
2022-10-20improve adjustment for git 2.38.1Mark Wagie
2022-10-19make adjustment for git 2.38.1Mark Wagie
2022-10-15fix yet another typoMark Wagie
2022-10-15install missing OpenVPN certMark Wagie
2022-10-15fix another typoMark Wagie
2022-10-14fix typoMark Wagie
2022-10-142022.5Mark Wagie
2022-10-13remove unneeded fileMark Wagie
2022-10-13numerous fixes and improvementsMark Wagie
2022-08-192022.4Mark Wagie
2022-08-102022.3Mark Wagie
2022-06-132022.2Mark Wagie
2022-05-29use git commit hash instead of tagMark Wagie
2022-03-28clean module cache for makepkg -CMark Wagie
2022-03-122022.1Mark Wagie
2022-02-19download dependencies in prepare() for offline buildingMark Wagie
2021-12-22disable LTOMark Wagie
2021-12-01fix typosMark Wagie
2021-12-012021.6Mark Wagie
2021-08-012021.4John Andrews
2021-04-28Forgot to update the settings checksumJohn Andrews
2021-04-282021.3John Andrews
2021-04-092021.2John Andrews
2020-11-272020.7Timo Kramer
2020-10-212020.6Timo Kramer
2020-10-032020.5 disabled testingTimo Kramer
2020-06-16switched to go dependency and installing bash and zsh completionTimo Kramer
2020-05-122020.4Timo Kramer
2020-02-232020.3Timo Kramer
2020-02-132020.2 releasedTimo Kramer
2020-02-12Now updating the relay list on installTimo Kramer
2020-02-12changed build of wireguard-go to use go-pie and build-flagsTimo Kramer
2020-02-12makedepends on go nowTimo Kramer
2020-02-12updated to 2020.1Timo Kramer
2020-02-07still there was an error in a pathTimo Kramer
2020-02-07README correctedTimo Kramer
2020-02-07pkgbase was wrongTimo Kramer
2020-02-07mullvad-vpn-cliTimo Kramer