AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-05Fix git submodule update commandmrxx
2021-05-22Add qt5-declarative to depends, add missing submodulesBalló György
2021-02-05Add make-dependency qt5-declarativemrxx
2020-11-30Upgpkg: 1.10.1mrxx
2020-10-07Upgpkg: 1.10mrxx
2020-08-01Increase pkgrelmrxx
2020-08-01Add dependency qt5-basemrxx
2020-07-31Remove dependency phonon-qt5mrxx
2020-07-27Remove build dir creationmrxx
2020-07-27Add git submodule handlingmrxx
2020-07-26Update to v1.9mrxx
2019-08-21Update to v1.7mrxx
2019-04-24Add mpv as dependencymrxx
2019-04-03Update to v1.6; switch to git and add outsourced librariesmrxx
2018-06-02Add back packageBalló György
2018-01-26DisowningMichael Straube
2017-06-28Build out-of-treeMichael Straube
2017-05-27Build in the build functionMichael Straube
2017-01-11Save source tarball as $pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gzMichael Straube
2016-12-20Update to version 1.5Michael Straube
2015-12-02Cleaned up a little PKGBUILDFrederic Bezies
2015-09-22initial commit on AUR4Frederic Bezies