AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-30version bumpLeo P
2021-05-17v22.0Leo P
2021-02-03.SRCINFO tooLeo P
2021-02-03version bumpLeo P
2020-07-18version bumpLeo P
2019-12-28version bumpLeo P
2019-10-05version bumpLeo P
2019-02-22version bumpLeo P
2019-01-24version bump, boost 1.69 compatibilityLeo P
2019-01-02version bumpLeo P
2018-10-28bumpLeo P
2018-10-02version bumpLeo P
2018-08-23no more librai_lib.soLeo P
2018-08-22version bumpLeo P
2018-07-03version bumpLeo P
2018-05-12version bumpLeo P
2018-05-09version bump to 12.1Leo P
2018-04-19v12.0Leo P
2018-04-04bumpLeo P
2018-03-29version bumpLeo P
2018-02-19release 10.0.1Leo P
2018-02-16correct conflictsLeo P
2018-02-15bump installLeo P
2018-02-15Raiblocks is now Nano currencyLeo P
2018-01-20makedepends on cmakeLeo P
2018-01-08rai_lib now needs to be built explicitlyLeo P
2018-01-08don't nead beast lib anymore, it's part of boostLeo P
2018-01-08really 1.66.0Leo P
2018-01-08boost 1.66.0 yoLeo P
2018-01-08boost 1.66 is inLeo P
2018-01-05more boost-1.66-related revertsLeo P
2018-01-03revert boost 1.66 commit until 1.66 makes it out of [testing]Leo P
2018-01-02handle the submodules betterLeo P
2018-01-02whitespace, tooLeo P
2018-01-02whitespace fixesLeo P
2018-01-01add optimization sensingLeo P
2017-12-20added raiblocks-node serviceLeo P
2017-12-19need now, tooLeo P
2017-12-16raiblocks yeahLeo P
2017-12-14Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// P
2017-12-14auto-AVX2Leo P
2017-12-14auto-AVX2Leo P
2017-12-14righter buildLeo P
2017-12-14qt5Leo P
2017-12-14update licenceLeo P
2017-12-14firstLeo P